Thursday, 20 June 2013

Review: Castillo Hotel Son Vida, Majorca

Ok, so I am clearly awful at blogging - a week of posts and then I go off on my holidays to Majorca for a week and absolutely nothing. What can I say? A week of excessive sunbathing, relaxing and carb-consumption didn't leave me with a lot of free time. I think this picture sums up the stressfulness:

Anyway, it was all in the name of blog-development (and my brother's 30th...); I've worked my way through a bit more of my 101 list and I can do a post or two about the lovely time that was had by all. How exciting. 

We were staying in the Castillo Hotel Son Vida, which is about a 15 minute drive from Palma, up in the hills. It used to be a castle and was built in the 13th Century, but now it's a swanky 5* hotel surrounded by golf courses and enormous villas. As a result, the hotel is pretty vast and architecturally impressive, but most importantly, it has some bitchin' views.

Inside, there is beautiful foyer, and numerous restaurants, bars and lounge areas indoors and out:

(this is possibly my favourite thing of all - cabinets of tiny little figurines from the Civil War - I like to imagine they use them for a massive annual reenactment)

Most days were spent around the pool (minus one day trip to Port Sóller - which is definitely recommended, just FYI - and a day round Palma due to cloudiness, boo). The hotel also offers a spa -  with a token for a free half hour massage given to each guest at check-in, which is niiiiice - which also boasts a gym, indoor pool, jacuzzi etc. However, I was SO lazy, I didn't even take up the offer of the free massage, I decided to give up the space reserved for my trainers for a 3rd pair of heels and the indoor pool room was hotter than the sun (fact) so I have very little to say about how good these facilities were. The bits I saw looked pretty good though...

All in all, the hotel was everything you would expect: friendly staff, clean, relaxing with a fantastic attention to detail. The rooms were incredibly nice (watch this space) and the only bad thing I really have to say is that it has an air of the hotels from The Shining and Dirty Dancing (the first one a little more disturbing that the second, depending on who you ask...) about it, but I'm pretty sure that's because it was early in the season, so it wasn't jam-packed, and the fact that the hotel is pretty massive. And in reality, that's hardly an issue, more a sign that I watch WAY too many films...


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