Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Issy's Milky Way

I am off on holiday tomorrow, during which I shall be wearing a bikini about 80% of the time (vom), and so I should be surviving on a diet of water, celery and cabbage soup. Instead, I went to a 50s American themed diner that serves hotdogs, ice cream, shakes and cakes. That's what I call dedication...

Issy's Milky Way is an incredibly kitsch little cafe tucked down my favourite street in Angel: Camden Passage. Now I love a theme, especially 50s American (stemming from my obsession with the film Grease), and I love anything kitsch (see the picture below of my amazing lampshade) so this place was right up my street.

The interior was really cute, with muted turquoise and pink walls lined with retro American memorabilia (most of which was for sale) such as cat clocks and hula girl lamps, black and white 50s movies playing on a TV in the corner and Elvis blaring through the speakers. 

Here's an idea of the treats that were on offer:

For some reason, I decided to go for something sweet first. I blame my excitement and the overwhelming selection of amazing looking sweet options on offer. So, I started with the triple chocolate brownie (and a diet coke, because that cancels it out, obvz, and I love a glass bottle):

Granted, it's not the most exciting of presentations but, despite appearances, it was actually really moist and very tasty and definitely something I would recommend.

Kira, my lunch date, was a little more conventional and started her meal with a hotdog. It came in a little basket, which was a nice touch, and a side plate with salad and a gherkin so that you could do a little customising if you wished (pretty sure NOBODY puts salad on their weiner).

As good as my brownie was, I was still hungry after it (in my defence, it was almost 2.30pm and the first thing I'd eaten and I had been to the gym earlier...) so I decided to try a vegetarian hotdog, seeing as I'm a pescatarian and all. The 'dog was a little depressing and limp, but I think the fact that it was veggie was to blame for that, and it was soon fixed by smothering it in ketchup and some delicious mustard:

Kira rounded off her meal with a banana shake, which looked (and I am told was indeed) pretty good. I may have to come back to try one...

All in all, it was an enjoyable, laid back lunch and a place I will probably return. However, although I would recommend giving it a try if you're in the area, I don't think it would be worth a trek across London if you're not. It is the first one to be crossed off the 50 restaurants I have to try in the next 1001 days though, yay!

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