Monday, 24 June 2013

Review: Castillo Hotel Son Vida, Majorca (Rooms)

Looking back, I realise that the last post was RIDICULOUSLY long, and so the idea of doing another one on the same topic seems somewhat excessive. However, this one promises to be a lot shorter. Basically, this is just a little recap of the rooms at Castillo Hotel Son Vida, as they were probably the best bit of the hotel.


main room

The rooms were HUGE and complete with a well stocked mini bar, an impressive magazine rack, 4 double wardrobes (not that I unpacked, but I'm sure others would find them useful) and a bathroom that had a separate toilet, lovely toiletries that were replenished daily (the brand was Cinq Mondes, which I've never heard of, but they smelled very nice) and a massive bathtub with a window above that looked straight through to the cracking view.

Admittedly, the window is a bit weird if you're sharing a room, but there are shutters that can be used for a bit of privacy. The status of these shutters are, however, at the hands of the person outside the bathroom, so make sure you share with somebody you trust/don't mind seeing more than you're comfortable with showing!

(Also, if you can't tell, I've invested in a new app - Diptic - which allows you to condense two or more photos into one collage, as well as lots of other fancy filters/photo enhancing gadgets - which allows for much shorter posts. Definitely worth the 69p, I'm sure everyone would agree...)

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