Wednesday, 26 June 2013

L'été Papillon de Chanel - Summer 2013 makeup collection

While perusing the local El Corte Ingles on a cloudy day in Palma, the latest Chanel makeup collection really caught my eye. I've already snapped up the Bel-Argus vernis from the L'été Papillon de Chanel Summer 2013 collection but on this trip the 'Stylo Eyeshadow' really caught my eye. I've never seen eyeshadow in pencil form, and I'm a sucker for packaging, so I had to try this.

I picked up the shadow in Black Stream as, although the collection is all about mixing bright, vibrant colours, I'm not quite brave enough for a yellow mascara, and something tells me that my attempts won't quite end up like this:

So, anyway, this is how the 'pencil looks:

And this is how my efforts turned out. And, I know what you're thinking, "wow, are you the model from the campaign?!"... On the brighter side though, it was very easy to use. It is advisable, however, to smudge the shadow with a brush, as it has a tendency to rub off onto other parts of the eyelid and give you those horrible specks of makeup around the eye that nobody tells you about all day...

Also in second image: mascara / liquid eyeliner / pencil eyeliner in Graphblack

(It is SO hard to take a selfie of your eyes and not be cross-eyed. I just embraced it in the end...)

One thing to note is that this is exactly the same product as was brought out last year, although in a different form. I bought the potted form of this eyeshadow in a few different colours and absolutely loved it as the colours were great and would stay on for days (which I definitely didn't find out after my 21st birthday party...). However, it was a little bit difficult to apply, especially using the mini brush provided (I DESTROYED my cream bedroom carpet with the black one), and the shadow went very dry after a few months. I know, technically, you're supposed to throw out makeup after a couple of months, but I'm pretty sure nobody actually does that, unless it's a clumpy mascara or something. Anyway, so far, the new form of shadow is already winning for its easy application and I'm hoping that the pencil version will last longer too.

The fact still remains that I am awful at applying eyeshadow- I have way too much of a fear of looking like a drag queen (it troubles me daily). But maybe I just have to get a bit braver so that I can try some of the other shades, because nobody can look like a drag queen in yellow and green eyeshadow, right!?
Any tips on eyeshadow application would be greatly received - unless your name is Tanya Hyde or Chi Chi LaRue - I already know all your tricks.

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