Friday, 19 July 2013

Crate&Barrel lust-haves

I think one of my favourite things about visiting America is shopping in the 'stores' that we don't have over here. Admittedly, they are slowly migrating over to this side of the pond (Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic, and soon J.Crew (yay!)), but there is one shop that I secretly absolutely love and wish would set up shop in the UK: Crate&Barrel.

I know, I know, my flat is a mess and I'm useless in the kitchen, but I am slightly obsessed with kitchen/tableware. We do have shops like Lakeland and John Lewis over here, but these just don't quite compare to the amazing Crate&Barrel; they seriously have the most ridiculously perfect things that you never knew you needed until you saw them.

For instance:

Crate & Barrel servewear
I mean, seriously, a platter for devilled eggs and a rack for tacos?? So OTT and yet perfect at the same time. And for somebody with a massive 'dip' addiction, that serving dish would be amazing, as would the pretty cocktail dispensers - imagine just setting that up and having mojitos on tap...
Crate & Barrel servewear 2
Seriously though... one gadget to take the top off a boiled egg, one to strip corn of its kernels, a honey dispenser, speech bubble cheese markers, and a little board with a hole for a wine glass so you don't have to worry about carrying it while enjoying canapés...these things should not exist!! But I am incredibly happy that they do... If only there was a Crate&Barrel in London. Boo.

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