Thursday, 18 July 2013

Birthday wish list

It's my birthday next month (bleugh), and usually there isn't anything I particularly want, but since moving into my new flat and realising that 1) I can't just bob into my mum's room when I run out of makeup/toiletries/perfume or go shopping with her on a regular basis and 2) things are EXPENSIVE and I have to spend my money on really boring things like bills/food/transport, I have managed to rack up quite the list of treats.

There seem to be 3 main areas: things I use every day and am now running out of, things for my flat and things that are entirely excessive, but I can dream...
Birthday makeup

Quite simply, I'm coming to the end of a lot of my makeup and I'm trying to hold out so that I don't have to buy them myself. I figure it's helping out as my brothers like to be told what to buy and they can't really go wrong with this stuff.

Birthday home

My flat is lovely, but it isn't particularly home-y, so it definitely needs some scatter cushions to break up the incredibly uncomfortable boring black leather sofas. I also bought some prints online for the walls, but made the mistake of thinking they were framed and then when they did arrive, they were the most bizarre shapes for which, it seems, no frame has ever been made to fit. Therefore, I need to do some fancy mounting apparently. And then I just love Jo Malone and Molton Brown for a bit of everyday indulgence. And finally, my kitchen skills are seriously lacking, and so would like a little help/inspiration from the KitchenAid and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

This is the list for if any of my family/friends wins the lottery between now and the end of August...

So, if you're reading this and wondering what to get me, feel free to pick from any of the above - thaaaanks!

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