Saturday, 7 September 2013

What to do in London this weekend: 6th September

There is SO much going on this weekend, it's cray cray. My inbox is positively overflowing with exciting activities and openings so without further ado, here is my pick of the best:

Blackout Banquet at Butler's Wharf - Starting tonight and running for the next ten days, 140 diners each night are treated to a completely alfresco (although there is a wet-weather contingency plan if the weather remains as pants as it has been today!|) feast at one abnormally large banqueting table. The best bit? At 8.30pm, all electric lighting is turned off, and diners are left to enjoy their treacle-cured salmon with just candlelight and the flow of Tower Bridge to aid them in seeing such culinary delights. The price of this once-in-a-lifetime experience? £35. Buy a ticket. Now.

Grill Shack - OK, so there are a lot of great breakfast and burger joints in London, but what makes this all day grill really stands out is the innovative take on service. You can either order from their app on your phone or at a self-service station in the restaurant (which also lends itself nicely to sending sneaky drinks to other tables...). What's more, if you're watching your figure or a (nuisance) pescatarian like myself, there are plenty of veggie/healthy options to choose from, which is a welcome break from these places that offer one type of burger or nowt.

Mario signs stuff - First things first, I adore video games, and none more than those in the Mario franchise. I blame my family and friends - my grandma completed Mario Bros. on the Nintendo NES at least ten times, and that is a conservative estimate. At uni, we would play MarioKart on the Wii at least once a day. Therefore, you can understand my unbelievable excitement at the prospect of meeting the big guy himself! That's right, this weekend Mario will be in Oxford Street's John Lewis. Or rather, the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, will be, and he will also be signing autographs amongst all the fun and merriment of "competitions and games". I swear to god, this is the most exciting thing that has every happened in London. Ever.

Pop-up Ping Pong & Retro Arcade Games - Continuing the theme of nerdy video game obsession, I am VERY excited by Pop Up Ping Pong's upcoming event, which brings together some of my favourite things in life: table tennis, beer pong, drinking and vintage video games. Pac man, ping pong and piƱa coladas (possibly) all for £7?? YES. PLEASE.

Pop-up Screens presents Dirty Dancing- I had the best time last week at Future Cinema's Dirty Dancing After Party; those guys seriously put on an amazing event. And, seeing as how you can never have enough Patrick Swayze (it is scientifically impossible) I would definitely be up for watching this again tomorrow. And who doesn't like an outdoor cinema screen with a bar and gourmet popcorn? Nobody. Except agoraphobics maybe... But yes, definitely on my hit list this weekend.

I carried a watermelon...

Disappearing Dining Club; Back in 5 Minutes - I think secret hideouts are my favourite things about London. Ok, so most aren't so secret (I'm looking at you Mayor of Scaredy-Cat Town), but it's nice to think that we're one of the chosen few who know about something unbelievably good. Step up Back in 5 Minutes, a restaurant and private dining room hidden behind a clothes shop on Brick Lane. This amazing little nook in one of the busiest areas of London on a Saturday night is quietly serving up incredible 4 course meals and Grey Goose cocktails to those in the know.

Redemption Bar - Having ticked off everything on my weekend to-do list, you'll probably have a pretty stonking hangover. Don't worry, I have an answer for that too; an alcohol-free bar! On Sunday, make sure to head to this a pop-up that's going against the grain. But seriously, all your favourite cock mocktails, amazing food, a 360 degree view of London and a clear head for work on Monday morning. What's not to like? 

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